4 Nov 2014

A Norman Rockwell Tribute

Tribute to one of the greatest painters of the 20th century.
Also a great study on lightning and colors, but I couldn't tip to this mans skills even while I almost "copied" the whole picture...
Hope he wouldn't turned in his grave when he saw this...

30 Oct 2014

The Swamp Thingy

Have a nice Hell - O - Weener tomorrow everyone!

28 Oct 2014

!!! Walking Windows !!!

Almost last week to vote for me on this contest "walking windows" .
Winner gets an exhibition and all of you would be very welcome if that happens!!!!

Http://tinyurl.com/mrmongvote look for a picture like this thanks in advance!!!!!!!

Love you all, yeah even you in the back there!

Inscription: Press on the "like" button of the page and then mark the button "stem" under this lookalike picture. Thanks!

21 Sept 2014

It's been a while...

 ...since I posted some drawings here. Been busy on this character for a couple of months. Black Bunny, she doesn't care if you like her or not ecause she doesn't like you anyway...

2 Jun 2014

Summer Josephines

 Latest mural I did for Pop up bar en resto Summer Josephine in Antwerp, Berchem (Belgium). Other great muralpaintings by Strook, Steve Locatelli, Pieter Bostoen, Davey Waxx & Brabo's Hand Tattoo. Thanx Kasper for great opportunity for going this big, without restrictions or requests...

20 Apr 2014

Happy Eastern!

 Black Bunny as "the not so happy Easter Bunny" in this short comic.

11 Apr 2014

Roller Derby!

Friend of mine is thinking about doing an expo with this theme. Awesomeness-to-da-max!

3 Apr 2014

Behind the scenes...

Dear movielover,

You might wanna take out 30 minutes of your spare time to watch this documentary. It's all about VFX, industry, bankrupcy and showing the impossible to the audience with many houres of efforts and unpaid loans.

Hopefully this one gots into your feeds at least. Because the effects are also about hundreds of people who take themselves to the next level for your entertainment.

That was the biggest lesson I've learned while in highschool. Behind the scenes of entertainment there is a shitload of massive sustain and stresslevels to be conquered. 

15 Mar 2014

Black Bunny

Black Bunny dreaming of her Russian Astronaut... *sigh...